Only men that own Ferrari or Range Rover are allowed to woo me – Influencer

A Nigerian product influencer has announced her criteria for picking men and warned off those that do not fall under the category.

The young lady with handle @talllizzy_girl on Twitter said any man who does not have a Range Rover or Ferrari should not bother wooing her.

Only men that own Ferrari or Range Rover are allowed to woo me - Influencer

She shared a photo of herself on the microblogging platform and stated that if guys see her walking by the roadside, except they have the aforementioned posh cars, none is permitted to approach her.

In her words; “If you don’t have Range Rover SUV or Ferrari, if you see me walking on the road don’t approach me.”

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Only men that own Ferrari or Range Rover are allowed to woo me - Influencer

Meanwhile, in similar news…

A Nigerian lady earlier declared that she’s made up her mind to only date rich men because they are the ones that can keep up with her high taste.

She explained that she is not a gold digger if she goes for a man who can spend on her the same way she spends on herself.

According to the pretty lady, she is used to going to expensive restaurants, traveling for vacations and when she finally gets a man, she wants it to be the one that can give her the baby girl life.

She said this on Facebook and noted that she cannot date any man who would not be able to match up her luxurious lifestyle whenever she goes to any of the high class locations.

She wrote; “When Some of us are insisting on Dating A Rich Man or Nothing, it is not because we are Gold diggers, but there are some kind of lifestyle we are used to giving ourselves already, you don’t expect me to go below because I am dating.

On a norm, if I want to do a long travel, on my own, I plan myself, and book a flight for myself, even if it is the last card I have, I still do that, because I love my Comfort and the baby girl life, you don’t expect me to now enter Young shall grow motors to come see you, because I am dating, and when I insist on flight, I will turn to a Gold digger.

On a norm, I save money to buy the hair that I like, then you as my partner will now ask me the hair I want, and I will tell you my mind or taste, you label me a Gold digger, but Na Wetin I dey do for myself on a norm o.

On a norm, there are some hotels I won’t want to sleep in, when I travel, I jeje pay for the type I want, and stay on my own, but you as my partner will now start looking at me somehow when you take me to the one I don’t like, and I complain.

On a norm, I go to Good Restaurants, eat Good meal and pay o, but when I ask of it, from my partner, I go turn Gold Digger? Mba, it is either a Rich Man, or Nothing!! So, okarum mma, n’m noduru Onwe m, karia na m ga ahi a broke Guy!”


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