Oil and Gas Expert Jeffery Omoh Ozemegwa Joins National Assembly as Technical Assistant

In the 10th National Assembly, Mr. Jeffery Omoh Ozemegwa has been appointed as a Technical Assistant on Oil and Gas. In this crucial role, he will collaborate closely with Senator Benson Sunday Agadaga, MON, who chairs the Senate Committee on Oil and Gas Host Communities and represents Bayelsa East senatorial district.

Mr. Ozemegwa’s extensive expertise in the Oil and Gas sector positions him to provide essential technical support and guidance. His focus will be on addressing critical industry issues, particularly within the Gas sector.

As the National Assembly seeks to ensure sustainable development and equitable resource distribution for Oil and Gas host communities, Mr. Ozemegwa’s insights will play a pivotal role in shaping policy decisions.

This appointment underscores the commitment to fostering informed decision-making and advancing the energy sector’s interests.
Our correspondent reports that Mr. Ozemegwa’s wealth of knowledge is expected to contribute significantly to achieving these goals.


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