Oblate Of Nazareth Schools Celebrates 25th Anniversary, Urges Parents To Address Drug Abuse, Promote Girl Child Education

The highly esteemed Oblate of Nazareth Schools proudly commemorated its 25th anniversary, marking a remarkable milestone in providing a top-notch educational platform for Northern Nigeria. The event also served as a platform to raise awareness about the pressing issue of drug abuse among the youth.

During a press conference held in Kaduna, the visionary founder of the school, Reverend Sister Semira Carrozzo, emphasized the importance of combating the menace of drug abuse. “Drug abuse is a significant concern that requires our constant vigilance. It is crucial for parents to monitor the company their children keep, while teachers play a vital role in instilling moral values. Additionally, the government must actively engage in policy formulation and implementation through appropriate security agencies,” Sister Semira emphasized.

Addressing the critical issue of girl child education in Northern Nigeria, Sister Carrozzo stressed the need for parents to guide their children, irrespective of gender, against early marriages and premarital sex. By doing so, she believes that the incidence of unwanted pregnancies and early marriages, particularly among young girls, can be significantly reduced.

Sister Carrozzo further highlighted the detrimental effects of corruption on Nigeria’s economy, stating, “The rising corruption in our nation has exacerbated economic hardships and inflation. It is crucial that we prioritize our needs over our wants and adopt prudent management practices. To foster economic growth, we must address the root causes of corruption and promote sustainable production.”

Recounting the journey towards establishing the Oblate of Nazareth Schools, the indomitable nonagenarian shared, “This project was born from a dream. In collaboration with the Pro.Nuncio of Italy, we established the Nazareth Nursery and School with the aim of providing quality education and nurturing religious vocations among the people of Kaduna. The journey began in Lagos, where we worked closely with the Vatican Embassy under the leadership of Nuncio Mons. Tabet and later Nuncio Vigano. Our path eventually led us to Kaduna, where the dream began to materialize.”

Sister Carrozzo expressed her gratitude for the support received from His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Y. Jatau, the Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, in securing a suitable land for the project. “When the land was presented to me, I couldn’t help but praise and bless the Lord for His faithfulness. It perfectly matched the vision God had shown me in my dream,” she joyfully shared.

Despite facing financial constraints, Sister Carrozzo acknowledged the unwavering dedication and sacrifices made by the Sisters of Nazareth, who promptly commenced construction work in 1995. By the grace of God, the project was completed in 1998, culminating in its grand inauguration by Archbishop Peter Jatau on August 21, 1999.

With the special grace of God, the school commenced its academic activities for the 1999/2000 session on September 20, 1999. It welcomed 255 pupils, supported by a highly qualified staff, in an excellent, conducive, and serene environment. The school has since garnered numerous accolades, including recognition for its commitment to environmental sustainability and excellence in spelling bees, among others, all to the glory of God.


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