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OBJ & Atiku took Bola Ige who was AD party member as attorney general of federation in 1999-Wike



Nyesom Wike, who previously served as the governor of Rivers state and is currently the minister for FCT, has stated that in 1999, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar selected Bola Ige, a member of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) party, to serve as the Attorney General of the federation.

Wike provided this historical background while being interviewed on Channels Television’s Politics Today show. He was addressing a query from Seun Okinbaloye regarding his affiliation with the PDP while working in an APC administration.

Wike shared his opinion that political parties do not solely determine governance in Nigeria. He emphasized that a party is merely a tool utilized by individuals to serve the people.

“I’m a dedicated member of the PDP,” Wike affirmed.

Seun Okinbaloye interrupted and asked if he was implying that he wouldn’t abandon the party. Nyesom Wike responded by highlighting a negative opinion he holds about Nigerians. He questioned the correlation between being a member of the PDP and working for an APC government, emphasizing that effective governance should be the main focus.

He proceeded to mention the previous occurrence where in 1999, Obasanjo and Atiku selected Bola Ige, a member of the AD party, to serve as both the Minister of Power and the Attorney General of the federation. This position holds the highest rank among ministers in the country. Wike clarified that Obasanjo and Atiku had faith in Ige’s ability to make valuable contributions in that capacity, irrespective of his political party affiliation.

He said , “Obasanjo and Atiku in 1999 took late Bola Ige who was an AD member (not just to become minister of power) but Attorney General of the federation. It is the number one minister of the country. You remember that, because Obasanjo and Atiku believed that he can contribute in this area.”

Wike ended by affirming that his goals as a member of the PDP have always been transparent. He stands for promoting equality, impartiality, and righteousness. Wike illustrated this by referring to an incident in 1999 when a person from a different political party was appointed to a prominent government role. He stressed that party membership should not be the sole determinant of an individual’s ability to contribute effectively to governance. Additionally, Wike reiterated his dedication to upholding fairness and justice within the PDP.

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