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”Now I dey London” – Man calls out relative who refused to hire him as poultry worker



A Nigerian man who resides and works in the United Kingdom has sent a message to a kinsman who he claimed refused to employ him.

He shared a video message on social media of him addressing the relative he simply identified as Osabo.

According to the young man, he begged the person to give him a job at his poultry so that he can be feeding chickens, but the man declined.

The UK-based man then bragged about a change in status, saying that he is now in London, working in an office with computers.

He sat down on a chair like a boss and mocked Osabo for not giving him a job when he needed it, as he said; ‘God no come from your village’.

Watch the video below:

In other news, CorrectNG reported how man who rides tricycle (keke napep) for living got himself into a hot mess after he reportedly squandered N3.7 million.

It was gathered that he was helping someone keep the money, but he decided to use it to make a loud statement at a nightclub.

A video circulating online shows him spraying bundles of money for fun-seekers at the club. He continued the money-spraying while leaving the venue and by the end of the night, he had reportedly sprayed it all.

However, when the person who loaned him the money learnt of his reckless adventure, he confronted him and demanded repayment.

The keke driver was unable to pay back the cash he spent lavishly, o the owner of invited police to arrest him.

A footage shows him sitting on the floor and being interrogated after he was arrested by men of the Nigeria Police. The young man’s action generated massive reactions from netizens.


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