According to him, Nollywood movies are the reason a lot of young boys are doing rituals and the kind of material things they flaunt in movies are influencing these young ones to go into Money rituals.

He wrote: Igbo Nolly wood , English and yoruba movie are the reason why a lot of young boys are doing rituals. They keep promoting fetish stuff in all their movies.

Nigeria movies producer can do better. Everything must no be based on juju and religion.

In a related development, Nigerian comedy actor, Imeh Okon better known as Okon Lagos has made an appeal that Nigerians should be urged to pay attention to the education of the boy-child in bringing an end to various social vices, particularly the escalating ritual killings of young women by Yahoo boys.

Per the actor, fixing the boy-child is critical in order to combat the societal vices that are killing the country.

He wrote: “Back in the days, money ritualists were older me. Very older men. They have this look, aura and presence that when they appear, you will hear comments like ‘this one looks like a ritualist’.” he wrote.

“Today, it is different. Small, Kpingili, kekere, tiny boys are everywhere plucking off eyes and body parts from young women just to drive Benz. Sad. Fix the Boy Child please. ”

“Let’s fix the boy child and do it ASAP. It’s a shorter route to decriminalizing and putting an end to most societal vices in our fast decaying society. Let’s put a central and foundational end to all these k**lings of young girls by these Benz driving Wannabe boys. Happy Sunday