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“No machine can translate it” – Little boy engages father in serious conversation using ‘baby language’



An adorable little boy leaves the online community gushing following a serious conversation on phone with his father using the world’s famous ‘baby language’.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the conversation between two grown men, one speaking English while the other spoke inaudibly.

"No machine can translate it" - Little boy engages father in serious conversation using 'baby language'

The father who was away from home requested to speak to the boy after he was done talking to their mother.

The little boy represented his other siblings as he engegd in a serious conversation with him dad who pretended to understand every word he said.

The phone conversation between the father and son has since gone viral with over a million impressions from many who cannot get enough of it.

Reactions trailing little boy who spoke to father on phone with strange language

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “He kuku sabi wetin im dey talk…Ancestor don come back in triplet form! Senior man ????????.”

eyinjuoluwaa001 penned: “So with all oyinbo’s inventions, they still haven’t got a machine to translate the most important language in the world, babies’ language ????????????????.”

iameniolamyde noted: “It’s the way he’s very serious at it for me . This boy is going to grow to become a great guy ????.”

official_verida said: “Can they invent technology to interpret baby language already ????.”

armanijayson noted: “I just cannot wait to have mine but i want a girl first ! Yo! That will be my life and my best friend forever! ♾️ ???????????? Her mom has gotta be jealous!”

Watch the video below …



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