The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has finally returned from his medical trip to London.


He returned on Friday, March 18 and this was made known in a recent post made by presidential staffer, Femi Adesina on his personal social media handle on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

Sharing some photos of the president, he wrote;


Check out the photos below;

..... was greeted with some reactions from Nigerians and below are some of these reactions;

Comr Ishaq Mudi Adama – Welcome back father to all Nigerians.. Continue traveling as we wish you safe trip always.
Pls do visit as many as other countries you haven’t visited because your days are numbered on that seat.
We Nigerians love you 😥😥😥

Prince Ug – If you people allow Tinubu becomes President come 2023 we will all peacefully rest in perfect peace

Ike Chidiebere Chris – President Buhari is back from his London medical trip… Nothing to celebrate again in Nigeria is it insecurity, poverty, unemployment Hunger, hardships etc.

Prinz Harris – What has his going out and coming in benefits to Nigeria as a country if isn’t plague, affliction and disaster? Mtchwwww!

Solo Obiagwu – “Buhari Has Travelled.” “Buhari Has Returned.” What A Breaking News! Is There Any Good News To Expect From A Clueless Regime? No,Of Course.

Dan Maina K Tarfa – Welcome back Mr President,Please tell him to do something about this ASUU Strike and Fuel scarcity.All of things are not going well.May God bless Nigeria and all our Leaders.May God give them wisdoms like King Solomon 🙏🙏🙏. Nigeria will be great.

Bishi Babatunde – Welcome back, Mr President, May Almighty Allah continue to protect and guide you Sir, l also pray for good health, more strength and wisdom that you will use to Lead this country Nigeria to the promised Land, Amen Once again welcome back Sir to your father Land Nigeria