Nigerian TikToker declares love for beautiful alleged lover, vows to give her the world, video goes viral

A handsome Nigerian TikToker is turning heads on social media as he declares love for his beautiful alleged lover online and vows to give her the world.

This was revealed in a post he made available on his page on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian TikToker declares love for beautiful alleged lover.

The TikToker, who is known for making skits, professed his love for the lady online, sharing her photo and promising to give her everything.

He shared ... with the caption: “Finally, I found my Ogechi. I will give you the world, baby.”

Not long after the public profession of love, concerned individuals stormed ... to celebrate them while also sharing their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Soja boy????: “Wow she looks so beautiful can we go aHEAD with the wedding pls.”

Nana Kwadwo: “You both are heading to the promise land.”

Preshgold ❤️❤️❤️: “Don’t mind them bro you’re aHEAD of them.”

Faithy: “sorry to ask hope they knw things are not easy in the labour room these days.”

marianaalvena: “you good man, dont let what people say get to your HEAD ????️.”

????????????????????????????️????????: “This too are really beautiful but nature cheated them,, omo I need to be grateful as I Dey.”

Michelle????❤️: “Wherever you both are heading.. God see you both through ahead.”

Lola????: “Don’t Mind them guys. You Are HEADING somewhere Great????.”

Anonymous: “My own problem na say na which woman push you out????.”

ÅVËŇ????: “Keep ur head up still with the headline at the headquarters u self na headmaster ????.”

Enny ✌️????: “don’t let the bad comments gets into your head, you have many things ahead of you to achieve ????.”



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