Nigerian man shows creativity as he rocks palm nut jacket, boxers, and glasses

A Nigerian man has caught attention on social media for designing a jacket, along with glasses and even boxers, all made from palm nuts.

This revelation surfaced in a recent post gaining traction on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian man shows creativity as he rocks palm nut jacket, boxers, and glasses.

In the video, the young man can be seen expressing excitement as he walks happily in his palm nut jacket and glasses. He shared the video on his page, showcasing his unique creations.

Upon closer inspection of the video, it becomes apparent that he also crafted boxers from the same palm nuts.

As the video circulated online, concerned individuals flooded the comments section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Elikemyaababy: “by December half of us will be no more????????????.”

Ngwa Polyglot????: “Trypohobia is dealing with me????.”

romeosteves: “Do you know Opro ???? When they see you eh, you better run for your life ?????????”

julietiwuno: “Guy, banga na 5k for paint bucket o!”

Chykeco: “It can only made in Aba????????????.”

Queen sparky: “But people are really creative aww ???? like how this guy take do this thing lol ????.”

NiiTimoo: “US get Superman and Spiderman, we too we get Palm Man.”

user4532281890644loveTells: “you your plan naaa to make this banga cost for Nigeria be that.”

akualala: “of course am the palmnut man, abenkwan ye mede paa????.”

ThankGod Chinemerem: “I talk say na only two people day normal again me and tnibu.”

Konk: “man no fashion can compete with this. you are more, this is an unbelievable. man this has to go far”



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