Nigerian man shouts ‘Jesus’ as stranger requests for his account number, sends him ₦10

A Nigerian man lost his composure, shouting “Jesus!” while clutching his chest in pain after a stranger who had asked for his account number sent him just ₦10.

The incident was detailed in a recent post gaining traction on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian man shouts ‘Jesus’ as stranger requests for his account number, sends him ₦10.

In the video, the man can be heard lamenting upon receiving the unexpected sum of ₦10 from a stranger who had requested his account details to send him money.

While visibly in discomfort and holding his chest, the man exclaimed, “Jesus, person get mind dey send person #10. You dey get mind send me #10 naira after you tell me say make I drop my aza. For your mind, you get mind?”

The video of this incident has captured the attention of numerous social media users, who have flooded the comment section of ... to express their opinions.

See some reactions below:

sammy@: “charges don pass main transfer????????????.”

kaddyslovak1800: “Omo you know say e pain am deep down ????.”

Villain: “If he catch that person ehhn ????????????????.”

Coo_sea: “Make e use am go buy sweet and biscuit ????.”

Henry ????????????????️: “Unto 30 naila evil receive ????????.”

SHOCKER_0011: “E pain the guyy e wan cryy????????.”

Brazilian Dëmãnçhi????????: “make he paste aza 100 naira can go a long way.”

Miko ????????: “I don use am create sticker ????.”

Ronaldhomie????️: “Another new sound Omo ????????????.”

AKABA PEACE: “You receive or you nor receive ????????????????.”

OneOfaKind????⭐️: “Use am take buy sweet now ????????.”

Fä Cùlty: “Why this thing de make me laugh????????????, it’s painful tho.”

ILL????: “No be sweet babies dey like use the money but sweet.”

Bliz jack ????: “My bro no fit control his steez but 100% composure ????.”

ThaicasH ogbonna: “Hahaha this guy won cry Chaii. Who get that him aza make I do him 50k.”



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