Nigerian man shares journey from restaurant server in Surulere to international model for Fendi

A Nigerian man stunned many as he shared a video showing his journey from working as a server in a restaurant in Surulere to becoming an international model signed by Fendi.

He made the video available on his page on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian man shares journey from restaurant server in Surulere to international model for Fendi
Restaurant server in Surulere becomes international model for Fendi.

The video shows the days when the man worked as a server in a restaurant, wearing the uniform recommended by the restaurant.

Later, the video shows the moment his measurements were taken, followed by footage of him walking the runway in a foreign country after becoming an international model.

The caption of the video further explains the transformation: “From a restaurant server to the runway for Fendi.”

His video attracted the attention of many social media users, who stormed the comment section to ask for opportunities and share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Olufunmilola: “Glorrrrrry be to the Lord ???? Congratulations ???? gbolahan, and all thanks ???? to you.”

g_splendour: “Wait, the real fendi we all know? ???? when God says is ur time no man can stop u.”

???? Dimma ☯️: “Make I bring my brother caus wan only food that one dey chop for house. We no even see where e dey enter come tall pss everyone ????.”

Modupeola: “Congratulations Gbolahan, pls help my younger brother too, the guy just dey chop, he is tall too and could fit. Thanks.”

goodygoody25: “Goddddd I’m so happy ????this is first video I came across on my TikTok this evening. God let my helpers locate me.”

celebrity Godmother ????232: “I wish my tall brother can see dis ????he is just wasting his height .”

motunspecial: “me sef get tall brother oooo, he long reach pole. abeg make I send him own too?”

Reiy: “when your time reach and God blow your whistle, even if you nor dey the game you go must play for the match???? thank God for Gbolahan.”

sharonette????: “Once you’re calm in life God must elevate you❤️❤️I shouted????????❤️another day to cry for someone I don’t know on the Internet????????.”



I was a very regular customer at the place restaurant surulere, last year. I had visited the place countless times to get food and seen gbolahan quite often as he has attended to me number of times, Untill the day it clicked! I looked at him as he printed my bill over the desk, and I said to myself, how come I haven’t seen this? How did it take me so long to realize??? Well without hesitating I took out my phone, and made the first video in the slide. Sent it straight to my boss @Cias Models He said interesting can we see more without his cap, and that was how we started…. Today, gbolahan from behind the desk as a restaurant server boy in Lagos Nigeria, made his first debut in Milan, for Fendi !!!! #tiktokviral #fyp #models #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp

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