Nigerian man discovers a new food combination, Garri with sugarcane

A Nigerian man has sparked a conversation on social media after discovering a new food combination: Garri with sugarcane.

In a video shared online, the man, clearly focused on his Garri, explains why he took this unusual step.

Nigerian man discovers a new food combination.

When asked by a passerby why he’s consuming Garri with sugarcane, the elderly man responded that he believes real sugar comes from sugarcane.

He pointed out that commercial refined sugar, despite claiming to be 99 percent cane sugar, undergoes a refining process that increases its price.

“I don’t need to buy refined sugar,” he explained, pointing to his teeth. “I’ve had my own refinery since I was 6 months old.”

His revelation has garnered attention on social media, with many users sharing their thoughts in the comments.

See some reactions below:

Mr word: “the man might be funny but na true him day talk oo, refined sugar don send people go hospital alot don die from sugar.”

muri mohammed: “me too have this type of refinery, my country people this is were Nigeria want to lead us to.”

Prince osas love: “Na Noma thing right from time very sweet I do same.”

Healinghome@75: “many people get wisdom and knowledge but poverty no how it to showcase ????????????.”



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