Nigerian man builds Tap4Me, a TapSwap tapping device, can tap 2 million times per day

In a bid to earn more coins on the popular cryptocurrency platform TapSwap ahead of its launch date, a Nigerian man built a tapping device and named it ‘Tap4Me’.

This was revealed in a post he made available on his Instagram page.

Nigerian man builds a TapSwap tapping device, can tap 2 million times per day.

The man can be seen in the video working on the device he built, pressing some buttons, and then switching hands to press a wire with ease while the tool continuously taps on the cryptocurrency app, TapSwap.

Announcing more features, he stated that the tool he built would continue tapping on the app even while its user sleeps.

His full text reads: “Designed and invented a tapping device (for #NotCoin, #HamsterKombat, #TapSwap, etc.) called ‘TAP4ME’ to ease the pain on the fingers while tapping hard to get more crypto coins on the now popular Telegram games.”

“#Bannarboi making life easier????. No more finger pains or time taken.”

“The ‘TAP4ME’ device will continue tapping even while you are sleeping.”

TAP4ME’ can tap your phone screen 2 million times per day (24 hours) on your behalf.”

“It’s powered by 12-volt adapters or a 12-volt battery.”

“All the best of luck, gather all the coins you can????????. Your smartphone screen is safe while tapping; they are carefully designed to replicate your finger’s touch.”




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