Nigerian lady reconciles with ex-boyfriend after breakup, marries him, shares adorable video online

A Nigerian lady has captured the attention of many online after revealing on TikTok that she tied the knot with her ex-boyfriend.

Sharing the news with her followers, the lady @pacypee0 on TikTok, posted a series of updates documenting her journey from reconnecting with her ex to their wedding day.

In a heartfelt message, @pacypee0 encouraged women to reconsider their relationships with former partners.

She emphasized the importance of openness and forgiveness, suggesting that reconnecting with an ex could lead to unexpected happiness.

The viral post included a romantic photoshoot featuring @pacypee0 and her now-husband, capturing their joyous moments together.

Additionally, she shared a brief clip of their church wedding outfits.

Netizens Reactions…

K叶吉安D✨❤‍ said: “This is not going to be funny if this is a sign cause my fyp lately .

“God I no need am again .”

Your Baby said: “If u like go back to ur ex what’s meant to be will be shaa some people break up cuz they are the right person at the wrong time.

Trust said: “My ex has been calling me , so I decided to see him omo the guy brokenness pass the one when make me run before oo.”

WIG VENDOR IN OJO LAGOS️️ said: “If you like no move on.

“They there the think say na your sign.”

QUEEN OF HER OWN LANE said “If my Ex see me for road, the boy must run for e dear life.”

Makel said: “To be honest sha, some relationship that failed was because pride exists, no be say una no good for each other oh.. so just find a way of reconciliation and get back together.”

FAVOUR said: “I don unblock oh he say I no get respect make I get out.”

✅mira said: “And I Dey tell my ex say I don move on Abeg I Dey go write am.”

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Unblock ur Ex 2dy nd tnk me leta ???? Last one I promise ???? #CapCut #fyp #pacypee0

♬ original sound – Cypautotwins????????????????


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