Nigerian chef in Canada celebrates humble beginnings, flaunts first paycheck

A Nigerian lady sparked a discussion on social media as she shared her humble beginnings and showed off her first paycheck after starting work as a chef in Canada.

This was revealed in a recent post she made available online on her page on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian chef in Canada celebrates beginnings, flaunts first paycheck.

..., which shows the face of the lady, was supported with a caption that better explains the video.

The caption reads: “My first paycheck in Canada for my first job. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.”

She showed the paycheck, along with the tax deduction and several other deductions, while also showing off some of the meals she prepared in Canada as a chef.

Her post attracted the attention of many individuals who stormed the comments section to share their experiences.

See some reactions below:

Ephia de sweet: “i see a lot of people making too much noise but you are very very humble. God bless n keep you.”

Wale Folarin ????????: “sincerely you’re a blessed woman.”

ziko: “40 years ago my pay every 2 weeks 346$.”

Rosyreal: “My first pay check in Canada ???????? for that my first job. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings. #myCanada????????story.”

Sultan P.: “very small amount for living on. If you’re living outside of Toronto you might get a way in 2019 but definitely not in 2024. You won’t last till the next payday.”



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