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Nadine Ibrahim's Short Film, 'Tolu' Is The Confidence Booster You Need

Nadine Ibrahim is one of our favourite filmmakers working today, and all her years of experience have clearly paid off, as seen in her acclaimed short film, Through Her Eyes. Now, she’s back with another powerful short film, Tolu, which is the confidence booster we never knew we needed! 

(Photo: Nadine Ibrahim)

The short film explores how patriarchy constantly stifles women in all walks of life. It follows Tolu, a young girl born into a poor family, whose means of livelihood is dependent on fishing.

With the task becoming too difficult for her father to do alone, he begins to complain about not having a male child to help him, and in the same breath berates his wife for only giving birth to girls who can’t help him fish. 

Determined to make a difference, Tolu goes out into the ocean by herself and encounters a life-changing experience. Starring Somkele Iyamah, Wale Ojo, Halimat Olanrewaju and more, Tolu is characterised by the beautiful scenery and the powerful yet simple dialogue.

In only 12 minutes, this film will touch you in ways you didn’t expect and fill you with the confidence you need to go about your day! 

You can watch the gorgeous short film right here: 

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