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“My husband’s close friends accuse me of controlling him” – Chizzy Alichi



Chizzy Alichi, a well-known Nigerian actress, has opened up on how some close friends of her husband accuse her of controlling her husband.

is taking a stance against people who see her as the dominant force in her marriage, tugging the strings of decision-making in her married household.

Chizzy Alichi revealed in a recent online video that she’s noticed a strange pattern: whenever her husband, Chike Ugochukwu Mbah, attentively listens to her and makes thoughtful decisions with her, his closest friends quickly conclude that she’s the one calling the shots in their relationship.

The attractive movie star couldn’t understand why his friends thought her husband shouldn’t listen to her advice or include her in decision-making.

Chizzy Alichi, Nollywood actress. Photo source: Instagram/@Chizzyalichi-mbah

She correctly pointed out that if their marriage failed because they did not nurture their love and oneness as a couple, these people would be the first to throw stones.

Chizzy also took the time to praise her ability to make solid business decisions that frequently benefit her spouse.

She recalled an instance in which she advised her spouse to decline a business proposition from a friend due to her foresight of future hazards. As a result, his inner group labeled her as a controlling wife.