My ex cheated with a guy I thought was ‘just a friend’ – Victony

Nigerian music star, Anthony Victor, known by his stage name, Victony, has revealed that his ex-girlfriend broke his heart with her infidelity and betrayal.

The 23-year-old singer said the lady was cheating on him with a man he considered as her platonic friend because she often talked to him about the guy.

My ex cheated with a guy I thought was 'just a friend' - Victony

According to Victony, when he realised what was happening, he felt stvpid because he had believed that they were just friends.

He shared the story during an interview with Chinasa Anukam, and recalled how discovering about their secret relationship left him “mad”.

He said: “She [my ex-girlfriend] was talking to this other guy and I was aware. She was telling me about this other guy. Me, very open-minded, I was like, this guy was just her friend.

“She told me he was her friend but his name just always came up. And I will be like, what kind of friend is this one? At the end of the day, it turned out he was not her friend. That was very mad because when I realised everything that was going on, I felt very stvpid.”

In other news…

Buzzing musician, Michael Adebayo Olayinka, known by his stage name, Ruger, has asserted that ladies are attracted to toxic men.

The ‘Girlfriend’ crooner used his life and past relationships as a prime example to back his assertion, saying he was toxic towards his exes.

The 23-year-old Jonzing Records signee said that he was the one at fault in all his relationships but when he tells his girlfriends to breakup, they insist on staying.

Ruger made the disclosure during an episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, however, he said that the love girls have for toxic men phases out when they are ready to get married.

Ruger said; “I was the toxic one. My relationship problems were all my fault. But when you tell girls to leave, why don’t they want to go? You tell them let’s end this, and they will be like, no, we can work it out.

“It’s not about being a better person. If it’s not working, it’s not working. Let’s end it. I was watching one reel and they asked ladies, ‘what’s the most toxic thing you like?’ And they were like, ‘I like it when he is choking me. I love it when he chokes me. I love it when he pushes me. I love it when he shouts at me.’

“Let me tell you, girls are kind of drawn to toxic men in a way. They would not admit it but it’s true. Girls don’t like soft n*ggas like that. At least when they are still in their dating phase. But when they want to marry, they can marry a soft boy.”


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