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“My dream baby” – Nigerian mum shares video of her adorable fair-skinned baby, it melts hearts



A Nigerian mum has captured the attention of many online after sharing an endearing video featuring her blessed fair-skinned baby.

The viral video, posted by user @amymenda on TikTok, has quickly become a source of joy for many, as netizens couldn’t help but be enchanted by the charm radiating from the delightful child.

The video showcases the adorable baby, whose flawless fair skin has captured the hearts of viewers.

The child, seemingly unaware of the camera, beams with happiness, flashing heart-melting smiles that have endeared her to many online viewers.

In one particularly enchanting moment captured in the video, the baby is seen wearing a shirt inscribed with the words “20s baby”.

The child’s infectious joy have left a lasting impression on viewers, eliciting a wave of positive reactions.

Many netizens have flooded the comments section with expressions of admiration for the child’s angelic appearance.

Netizens Reactions… said; “When I born fine pikin like this, I go carry my womb go keep for museum.”

@Fine Wine said; “See my future baby.”

@princess billions said; “Love you my baby.”

@Princess commented; “My dream baby.”

@lundmoen said; “Billion-dollar baby.

@Pretty priceless said; “I followed you because I am pregnant and I want to give birth to a baby like your daughter.”

@bibiannewanjiku28 said; “I tap this blessing from you to me. Smart baby.”

@shbangu said; “Wow! Such a beautiful angle.”

@Rich boy reacted; “I too love this child.”

@user34758609976787 said; “I love this little girl.”

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