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“Music money is like ritual; even if I stop singing, the music will keep paying” – Shallipopi



In an interview with Zero Conditions, Nigerian musician Shallipopi revealed fascinating insights into the immensely lucrative nature of the music industry, comparing the returns to ceremonial practises.

The artist is best known for his popular tune “Elon Musk.” shed light on how his financial status has been transformed by his excess of music money

The podcast host went into Shallipopi’s money management, asking how he balances supporting family members, saving for himself, and setting boundaries in the face of demands from friends and relatives.

“How do you find a balance between giving to family members, saving for yourself and knowing when to draw the line?” the show host asked.

In response to the query, Shallipopi stated that the music industry is extremely profitable, and that his financial resources appear inexhaustible despite generous contributions to family and friends.

He admitted that he only realised the true value of music this year, thanks to the success of his recent chart-topping tracks.

“You will never understand music money. Music money is like ritual, there’s too much money in music that you cannot understand at all. Even if you’re a artiste that came out in one month and your song is just big, no worry.

Me now, I no dey balance anything; if my family request, I dey give because I know that, the music will not stop. Even if I stop singing, the music I’ve dropped will continue giving me money,” he concluded.

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