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Mr Ibu’s wife stirs reactions as she shares video of herself feeding him in hospital



Stella Maris, the wife of famed actor Mr Ibu, has created quite a stir online after posting a video of herself feeding him in his hospital bed.

The gesture, intended to refute suspicions and demonstrate her commitment to her husband’s well-being, elicited varied reactions from the public.

The legendary actor’s family has recently come under scrutiny following allegations that Mr Ibu had an inappropriate relationship with his adopted daughter.

In the middle of controversy, Mr. Ibu’s wife releases a video of caring.

Simultaneously, Stella Maris, the actor’s wife, has been accused by the actor’s adopted daughter of misappropriating the family’s donations for personal advantage.

Stella Maris elected to present a visual narrative of her care for Mr Ibu in response to the surrounding controversy.

The video she posted shows her feeding the ailing actor, her face clearly visible, as if to leave no doubt that she is the one caring for her husband throughout his illness.

The video showing Mrs. Stella Maris feeding her husband has elicited conflicting emotions from the general public.

Reactions from the Internet…

koralxslimcurvy said: “These people have turned our legend to a national clown. Why are they stressing Mr Ibu with all these content creation agenda?”

osegbo remarked: “Awww mama feed your husband ooo ???????? make the world know say you still dey go see ur man and u dey with am for over 16 years , let them say what dey want to say I see ❤️ here ????”

ogbeniassd wrote: “Na wa ooo. All this rubbish will be adding to the man’s mental health self. Make una carry una rubbish comot joor”

ify_may1 noted: “I know this is not okay! But if she doesn’t video her part,jazmine will later come up say it was only her that was with daddy/sugardaddy when he was sick! Jazmin is a premeditated manipulator and mastermind!”

Helen__0___ stated: “ollywood suppose mount camera for there this one na movie when go sell, “WIN MY LOVE” or IBU AND FAM???????????????? because which kind nonsense be this? All these serenren????????????? Jasmine go still do her own ????????”

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