Mr Ibu’s wife recounts tearful moment on Father’s Day without late husband

Stella Maris, the widow of the late veteran Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, recounts being overwhelmed with sorrow on Father’s Day without her husband.

In a press interview, marking her first public statement since her husband’s passing, the widow emphasized the pain of losing her husband.

Stella expressed deep sorrow, mentioning how she shed tears on Father’s Day when she remembered her late husband.

Regarding the Nollywood industry, Mr Ibu’s wife stated that they have been very supportive of her and her children since his death, showing them kindness and assistance.

She said, “On Father’s Day, I felt so bad and was shedding tears when I remembered my husband. The Nollywood actors have been supporting me and my children since he passed away. They have been good to us.”

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