Moment little girl angrily confronts her father for calling her mother ‘ugly’

A video of a little girl bravely confronting her father for repeatedly calling her mother “ugly” has captured the attention of many on social media.

The emotional video, shared by user @donnieshama, captures the child’s plea to end her father’s hurtful behavior towards her mother.

The video, which has gone viral online, shows the girl tearfully recounting instances where her father allegedly called her mother “ugly.”

Moment little girl angrily confronts her father for calling her mother ugly

Despite her young age, the girl passionately defends her mother’s beauty,.

“My dad keeps bullying my mum and he keeps saying that she is ugly. I have 5 dollars and I will pay to do her makeup, her nails and her hair. And she’s not even ugly. Period. I don’t know who he is bullying my mum. I want her to feel like a queen again. My dad keeps calling my mum ugly and she’s not even ugly.”  the little girl said.

Social media users flooded the comments section with messages of support and admiration for her courage.

Netizens Reactions…

@KylieMommy reacted: “My baby gone be somebody one day she too raw on my soul.”

@Joselyn garica said: “Your mom is very sweet and kind and she deserves all that.”

@Happywater364 said: “What’s mommy’s cash app or Apple Pay mommy gone slay just like you princess.”

@Ash said: “I don’t know who he think he is either baby. But gimme that 5 and I’ll make the problem disappear.”

@CeCeNubian Couture said: “Your mama is beautiful and she’s definitely raising a beautiful, smart kid. You’re amazing and healing your mommy heart.”

@Renaeamour said: “This really hurt my feelings! He should have nvr even said that to this baby but she’s right her MOM IS BEAUTIFUL and deserves to feel like a QUEEN.

@Curium added: “Oh my god! My heart!Not her own $5 okay. Myra I swear kids are the absolute purest at heart.”

@fionakelly941 said: “If your anything like your mom, She’s gorgeous your a little queen. Just like your Momma. Your mom should be so proud of you.”

@Martii added: “Your mommy is beautiful. No matter what your dad say he’s mad he lost a real one.” 

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This made me cry omg ???? Myra loves her mom so much its crazy but baby keep your money ???????? mommy knows she’s a QUEEN ???? #fyp #mommydaughter

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