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Moment girlfriend pulls down house door as boyfriend grabs her phone, runs inside (Video)



A viral video that has been making the rounds online showcases a dramatic incident where a girlfriend pulls down a house door and chases after her boyfriend in a bid to retrieve her phone.

The playful exchange between the couple has left viewers speculating about the motive behind her frantic actions.

The video, initially shared on Twitter by the user @NoCapFights, captures the entertaining sequence of events that unfolded.

In the footage, a young couple can be seen outside their home when the boyfriend playfully takes hold of the girlfriend’s phone without permission.

In response, she promptly initiates a chase, running towards the entrance of their residence.

The girlfriend’s pursuit takes an unexpected turn as she approaches the door, only to discover that her boyfriend has locked it upon entering the house.

Undeterred, she desperately attempts to retrieve her phone by using brute force to pull open the locked door.

Unfortunately for her, her determination results in a comical mishap, as she tumbles to the floor along with the door.

“Her boyfriend took her phone and ran in the house,” the user wrote.

See below;