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Mohbad: Nigerian man who drove Naira Marley for 2 days in 2019, shares rare encounter, photo cause buzz




A Nigerian man named Mazi Ejimofor Opara, has opened up about his personal encounter with controversial music artist Naira Marley back in December 2019.

During this two-day interaction, the man shared his insights and impressions of the singer, shedding light on aspects of Naira Marley’s personality and music.

Naira Marley has been a central figure in recent controversies, especially following the unfortunate passing of singer Mohbad, who was formerly signed to Marley’s Marlian Records

The man post began by recounting his role as Naira Marley’s chauffeur during those two days.

He described the artist as a “slow poison” and went on to express his concerns about Naira Marley’s music, suggesting that it might not be suitable for “sane minds.”

He also touched on Naira Marley’s appearance, referring to it as “hideous” and acknowledging the potential backlash for such remarks in the era of Gen Z.

In the man’s words;

“I met Naira Marley for the first time in December 2019. I chauffeured him personally and experienced him closely for two straight days.

“If I were asked to define him in two words, I would simply say, ‘slow poison.’ Dude, in my estimation, deserved a place in rehab.

“If we didn’t find ourselves at this time in musical history where lyrical lewdness is the fad, I don’t think his songs deserve any place on the playlist of the sane-minded. His appearance is hideous — if you talk so much about this, my Gen Z folks would accuse you of profiling.”

“But, if you asked me, I would tell you that there is a lot about and in the way we look or present ourselves.

“The next class of musical brigands soon to be discovered by the Nigerian public would be Burna Boy and, you may not agree with me, Davido.

“This may sound prophetic, but I bet it will surely manifest unless they quit ‘hard’ and ‘juvenile hideous fraternities.’ I wouldn’t say more. Where are my Marlians?”

Netizens Reactions…

@Ude Uzochukwu said; “But I love the title “First time in America”. As for other features of his person, I cannot say because I haven’t met him but for you, the testimonies are primary source so I cannot counter. “All the same, I pray the proliferation of hard dr.ugs is seriously look into.”

@Obika James Abuchi said; “The guy is ev!l, his end has come.

@Okonkwo Samuel said: “I need a simple answer to this my question, what’s this guy sin please? Because I hate joining issue I have no crew about, what did he do, was he the one that killed Mhobad.

@Mbadugha Valentine said;  “Marlians !!!! His music caused harm to the society than good. Many young people changed the way they think, act and dress just because of one man.”

@Ikechukwu Ikechukwu said: “I don’t play his song,,,my brother you need to visit a doctor after staying with him.”

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