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Mixed reactions as woman sneaks up on policeman and carries his gun (Watch video)



A video making the rounds online shows the moment a woman took possession of a police officer’s weapon while he was sleeping.

The policeman was spotted sleeping at his duty post, when the woman snuck up on him and pick up the rifle he positioned beside him.

Shortly after she grabbed the gun, he woke up and seemed to have panicked upon seeing her with his service weapon.

The woman however, handed it back to him without uttering a word and he in turn collected the rifle without questioning her.

It is not immediately clear if she is also a police officer or a random citizen who wanted to teach him to be more careful with his weapon.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions greeted the post as some posited that the woman is a senior officer which is why the policeman could not speak, while others noted that he may lose his job for being careless.

cruze_michael; Senior officer ?‍♀️ caught junior officer ? sleeping on duty duty ?

temitope_901; He could have been triggered to defend himself and get people shot by mistake. Not everything is a joke. We should be careful.

proud_eva; She’s the Area commander of that station, not just a random person ?

special_plus_size; Omo, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets arrested

lloydbanks2.0; If that was a man. Boy oh boy, probably be sitting in a jail cell rn, with a few nice scars and nice looking bruises, cuffed to a toilet pipe.

speeddarlingtonakpi_; Police leave riffle go Instagram dey watch e dey rush!! ???

___sagbelesbobby; Dismiss that officer

feedapet; She’s telling him never to leave his firearm unguarded. Your firearm is your wife when at your beat.

_ni_ght_craw_ler_231; Na him oga be that ?

nadismayana; She is an officer too I guess If not the officer for punish am

Meanwhile a similar incident occured few weeks ago when two young men made headlines over their brazen confrontation of police officers in Lagos state.

In a video which made the rounds online, the youths could be seen getting into a scuffle with two men of the Nigeria Police.

The incident happened in Meiran area of the state and it as because the officer had seized a phone which belongs to one of the guys.

They made attempts to dispossess one of the officers of his service weapon, which is a rifle

As the policeman kept struggling to maintain a firm grip on his rifle, the guy became more aggressive and forcefully tried to snatch it, which resulted in the officer falling to the ground.