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Mission Creep: Hamas-Linked CAIR Welcomes Removal of Term ‘Squaw’ from Federal Landmarks



The mission creep of the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was on display Saturday, when it “welcomed” the Secretary of the Interior’s decision to remove the word “squaw” from federal landmarks.

Even though CAIR has nothing to do with this, in this video one can hear the righteous indignation in the voice of CAIR’s Government Affairs Director, Robert McCaw.

This is not the first time CAIR has gotten itself onto the news in connection to something it had nothing to do with. The list of irrelevant CAIR broadcasts is long and growing longer. There are CAIR broadcasts about Pizza Hut, the Hmong people, Confederate flags, Civil War monuments, Black Lives Matter, the 1619 Project, the Atlanta Spa Shootings, and more.

If CAIR wants to support its friends and get involved in things that are important to them, that is all very well. But the fact of the matter is, that is still not the organization’s job as CAIR itself defines it. CAIR is an Islamic group that concerns itself with issues concerning Islam and Muslims. However, in the past two years, CAIR representatives seems to be operating in accord with the assumption that their opinion about anything trending in the news in relevant. Meanwhile, they avoid stories about anti-Semitic imams, honor killings, or opportunities to assist in counter-terror efforts.

Instead, they make statements on TV about the Capitol riots, Derek Chauvin, white people, Jewish misfortunes, Facebook comments, the Ku Klux Klan, Nazi music festivals, a girl’s high school softball game, etc.

It was not always like this.

A look at CAIR’s YouTube channel shows that CAIR representatives were on TV 15 times in 2007. This went up to 50 times in 2008. The following year, when the Obama administration took office, they were on 150 times. Still, their TV appearances concerned things Islamic.

It wasn’t until the George Floyd affair that CAIR’s TV appearances skyrocketed, and CAIR spokesmen began trying to cast themselves as the conscience of the nation. This was a watershed moment, because nobody pointed out the obvious, that CAIR had nothing to do with George Floyd. The public did not complain and TV stations gave CAIR free rein; CAIR reps began saying on TV that the state of Minnesota killed George Floyd. Inevitably, CAIR did one of the few things it is good at: turning the public against one man, in this case Bob Kroll, former president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis.

There is a context in which such disparate things as the Capitol riots, the Hmong people, and a high school girls’ softball game are united by a common theme. That would be CAIR’s disdain for America as it is currently constituted, and its desire to sow discord and division.

CAIR has not taken a sudden interest in linguistics. The Anglicization of a Native American word for which there is no universally accepted origin is what offends them.

CAIR is on TV too much. Too much in the sense that there is no balanced coverage of this group on TV. CAIR parlays the underserved legitimacy given to it by TV newscasters to get on TV again to promote itself, cause trouble, and harm people.

It is not unreasonable to surmise that CAIR seeks to become a sort of Federal Bureau of Islamic Affairs that will investigate, arrest, and prosecute individuals guilty not only of “Islamophobia,” but of any perceived or imagined offense against any real or alleged “marginalized group.”

In fact, there is support for this conclusion in Islamic scripture.

Tameem Ad-Dari reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, say, “This matter will certainly reach every place reached by night and day, and Allah will not leave a house or residence except that this religion will enter it, by which the honorable will be honored and the disgraceful will be disgraced. Allah will strengthen the honorable with Islam and He will disgrace the disgraceful with unbelief.”

Source: Musnad Ahmad 16509

Grade: Sahih according to Al-Haythami

Here is a Muslim invoking this passage while protesting Greet Wilders’ trip to Britain.

Unless the public begins to complain loudly that they have had enough of CAIR’s behavior on TV, this is exactly what will happen.