Men should date according to our budget and class – Nigerian man

A Nigerian entrepreneur identified as Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, has said that ladies are supposed to be in relationship with rich people but same should not apply to men.

He took to his Facebook page and stated that men should date according to their class and budget, rather than going for those with high standards.

According to Ibrahim, no one is forcing anybody to move to high class girls as they are meant to be with the guys that have money.

He emphasised that if a man has a low budget, then he should go for low-budget girls who are on the same level as him.

Ibrahim wrote; “We should all date according to our class and budget, Nobody is forcing anybody to date high class girls. If your budget is low then go for low budget but data boys wouldn’t listen. Girls should love only those with Money and if you do not have money, please date according to your level.”

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Men should date according to our budget and class - Nigerian man

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CorrectNG recalls that an African American man shared a date experience with a lady who intimidated him with her show of affluence.

He said she showed up to the venue of their date in a Mercedes G-Wagon and he immediately knew that he could not have anything to do with her.

According to the guy known as @ByLazaruss on Twitter, the lady wore designer from head to toe, a diamond neck chain and Fendi jacket. He said that when he saw how classy she appeared, it scared him and he never contacted her again.

“I’ll never forget going on a date with this new junt, she pulled up in a Mercedes G wagon, had on designer head to toe, a diamond choker chain, a fendi fur jacket & right in that moment I know I would never hit her up again after that cuz wtf am I gonna do for her fr. Nah I had to let lil Gunna go lol” he wrote.

Speaking on how they met and he asked her on a date, he said; “I was in the mall fresh af 1 day, she wasn’t dressed up like that & it went from there.”

A user commented; Most men are intimidated by hustlers, well off or highly educated women but then we also don’t want gold diggers or women with no drive—bold contradiction. We seek control that’s the issue. That woman knew off jump that you ain’t have it, she clearly wanted something different.


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