Medical student successfully implants Neuralink chip into a banana; video goes viral

A medical student who aspired to be a surgeon gained attention after successfully implanting a Neuralink chip into a banana, showcased in a viral video on a popular social media platform.

The video, which has garnered thousands of views, was accompanied by the caption: “When your boyfriend, training to be a surgeon, decides to implant a Neuralink chip into a banana tonight.”

Medical student successfully implants Neuralink chip into a banana.

In the video, the medical student is seen using tools to perform what appears to be a real surgery on a banana.

He uses his phone as a makeshift medical tool to zoom in closely on the banana.

After carefully cutting open the banana, he implants a chip and seals it back up. Upon completion, he proudly displays the intact banana.

The medical student’s demonstration captivated social media, with many praising his skillful work.

See some reactions below:

.: “This is so amazing lol. I would be so intrigued, everyday looking for something around the house for him to operate on ????.”.”

\(^v^)/: “I’ve heard of people’s boyfriends picking up sewing during their surgeon training HAHAHA????.”

meg: “The fact he cut the thickness of the skin perfectly!!!!.”

Tori.: “I’m not a surgeon but it looks like he did a great job honestly.”

Her.persona: “Don’t be giving me ideas I’m not in medical school I just be bored ????????.”

0597gladys: “He would definitely become the best surgeon in the world.”

jaila: “Okay by the power vested in me and greys anatomy. He is going to be the best surgeon we have seen.”

Zipporah Jeter ????????: “He seems like he’d take the upmost care of us!! But ngl id sue if those were my stiches ????????????.”

ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧: “that is actually a really impressive setup i didnt even realise that was an iphone ????.”

Lady Hokage: *I’m not a doctor or a professor but I feel in my heart that he did a really good job.”

Sonti ????????: *I just finished undergrad, pls ask him at which point do I begin this training and practice ????????????????????.”

Oma ✨: “My inner Grey’s Anatomy fan girl was super giddy watching this, describing the procedure step by step ????.”



Part 5 and the training has become more advanced ????

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