The estranged wife of Blossom Chukwujekwu, Maureen Esisi, has threatened to expose following outrage by displeased social media users.


This follows Blossom Chukwujekwu’s marriage to a new woman, which elicited varied reactions from trolls targeting Maureen.

Maureen Esisi took to the image-sharing network, Instagram to publish additional photos of internet bullies backing her spouse and hurling insults at her.

Maureen Esisi retaliated by threatening to unleash a can of worms regarding the facts about her failed marriage, which many people were unaware of.

“Be looking for my throuble. I wii soon thell my Thruth and off thhe intherneth finally😩😩😂😂,” she wrote while sharing a meme of an old woman wielding a hammer.

“I have a headache😂,” she added while sharing messages from trolls in her Direct Message.

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Reacting to her post, media personality Do2dun wrote;

Don’t be the bait to this place or these people, it’s not even worth it. You are your own truth and that’s the peace you should choose. I doubt you know here anyone who have the wits to jump off a cliff for you here but you know know the few who can and those are the people that should matter not us. It’s time to fight hard for your mind and not us. It’s only going to be entertainment here and a wound that might never heal cos all we do is enjoy another round but keep reminding you and not help you heal. If you’ve won. Win in silence and let God handle the rest. It’s hard but let God fight your battle if there is any. There are no winners here Red.. 🙏🏾