Married woman seeks advice as husband stops supporting her family after 5 years

A married woman cries out for advice over her husband’s decision to stop financing her family who had fully depended on him since their marriage.

In an anonymous message, the mother of two recounted her marital journey which began some years ago and how her four siblings often asked her husband for money.

However, 5 years down the line, the young man got tired of his inlaws’ responsibilities and discussed pulling out forever.

Sharing the narration, the woman emphasized being embarrassed by the situation and how he husband’s reaction came after he gave her sister N700K to start a business.

“Been married 4 5yrs, we are 5 in numbers, l am d 1st, my hubby has been d one paying my parents rent & also giving money for food, my siblings depend on him too. he gave my younger sis 700k to start a biz. yesterday he told me he is tired, I feel ashamed. pls what can l do? I am a full housewife wit 2kids,” she wrote.



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