Man weighs in on Davido’s custody battle with babymama Sophia, predicts Davido’s loss

A Nigerian man, Okey Aliyu, has weighed in on the recent legal action taken by music star Davido against Sophia Momodu, predicting that the singer may face defeat in his bid for joint custody of their daughter, Imade.

The man took to Facebook on June 20 to express his skepticism about Davido’s chances in the legal battle, citing traditional Igbo customs regarding parentage and custody.

According to Aliyu, in many parts of Igboland, including Anambra State, children born before the payment of bride price are traditionally considered to belong to the mother’s family rather than the father’s.

The man went on to explain that under Igbo cultural norms, unless the bride price has been paid and the marriage formalized, any child born to the woman does not legally belong to the father.

He further suggested that Davido’s failure to pay the bride price before Imade’s birth would hinder his chances of winning custody.

“I love the Igbo culture so much. If you impregnate a lady as a guy in most Igbo part of this country without paying her bride price, you already know the child belongs to the girl’s family and not yours as the guy,” he wrote.

“Let me rephrase; I hope you know in Igbo land, if you impregnate a lady and she gives birth without you paying her bride price, even if you later marry her, the child she gave birth to before you paid her bride price isn’t yours. hope you know?

“We start counting your legitimate children from the ones she birthed after you paid her bride price. Except her parents wants to pity you by giving you the child. By right, it’s not your child.

“I said let me notify you incase you don’t know how the culture works

“I always laugh whenever I see people fighting over custody of children they didn’t pay any kobo on the lady that birthed the child as bride price. Culture dey Sha
“If na my side you kon drag Pikin wey you no pay bride price for the girl head ehhh, your front teeth for don loss. Yes, you can’t win anywhere no matter your money and connection…” the man said part.

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