Man shattered as he finds out girlfriend he did everything for was cheating

A Nigerian man has been left deeply heartbroken as he discovers that the lady he did everything for was busy cheating on him.

The anonymous man took to the social networking platform, X to pour out his pain to an X influencer while seeking to know what could have prompted her into cheating.

man girlfriend cheating everything man girlfriend cheating everything
Heartbroken man.

According to the devastated man, he had provided her with sufficient money whenever she asked.

He further noted that emotionally and intimately, he was always there for her.

The man was left puzzled and pained as to why she would cheat on him despite all had done for her.

He stated that his girlfriend ended up cheating with another man who never did up to 5% of what he had done for her.

“I read your posts daily and after dating a girl that I did everything for and gave my life and soul for, she cheated with a guy that didn’t even do 5%. I questioned her thoroughly. Was it money I spent on her lavishly? Was it sex? We fuckedd like wild rabbits. Emotionally I was always available,” he wrote.

Itz Pelumi said: “The love was over there. You were just her financial support from the beginning.”

Melanin Blush wrote: “The truth is most ladies doesn’t know what they want. That’s why they keep telling men that money can’t run women loyalty but they won’t listen.”

Tunde Olade wrote: “Why you no come meeting last week? Had you come, you would have known that, we no dey love women again.”

Moises Elijah reacted: “Heal and leave her I’m in healing journey for almost 2 years even tho she’s still apologizing I’m moving forward.”

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