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Man divorces wife of seven years to marry housemaid



An Enugu Magistrate court has reportedly awarded the sum of N150,000 in damages to a man in his suit against a lady who dishonoured an agreement.

The woman had received N3,000 from him as transport fare on the premise that she will visit him, but she failed to show up.

He then dragged her to court for obtaining money under false pretenses and she was ordered by the chief magistrate to pay him N150k. The petitioner told the court that after he sent her the money, she switched off her phone.

The case was shared by a lawyer known on Twitter as @egi_nupe, who said the magistrate awarded damages against the lady to serve as a deterrent.

He wrote; “A court in Enugu has reportedly set a good precedent by awarding damages of 150k against a lady. She was given 3k as transport fare to visit a guy and after collecting the money, she switched off her phone and refused to visit him. Infuriated by her action, he reported and sued her for deceit.

In the judgement, the magistrate held that the lady’s action was deceitful and awarded the sum of 150k against her to serve as deterrence to others with such deceitful behavior.”

Similarly, a Nigerian lawyer revealed that a man won a lawsuit after dragging his side chic to court over illegal exposure.

He said the side chic leaked the man’s bedroom pictures, so he sued her and demanded compensation for damages.

She reportedly claimed that she wanted to let his wife know that her husband was having an adulterous affair.

But the court awarded N5million damages against the woman for sleeping with a married man and having the audacity to expose him.

The side chic was also asked to pay another N3 million for insulting her lover’s wife, and she was to release a public statement apologising to the husband and wife.

Additionally, the Court awarded another 3M damages against her for calling the man’s wife a harlot on social media & make a public statement on social media apologizing to the wife and the man.

He wrote; “A man sued his side-chick for posting his nude pictures on social media & in her defense, she said she wanted to expose his adulterous & immoral act. The court awarded damages of 5M against her noting that how you be sleeping with another person’s husband & want to expose him?

Additionally, the Court awarded another 3M damages against her for calling the man’s wife a harlot on social media & make a public statement on social media apologizing to the wife and the man. This is what you get when you don’t know your place.”


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