Man allegedly denied Visa after checks showed he owes loan app N5K

A Nigerian man’s attempt to travel abroad was reportedly blocked when his visa application was denied after it was found that he owed a loan app N5K since 2020.

The report was made on Facebook by a netizen known as Leonard IB Marcus.


It was gathered from his report that the individual was set to fly out from the country and had gone to acquire his Visa.

Unfortunately for him, his BVN showed that he has been owing a loan app the sum of N5K since 4 years ago.

His visa was denied and his plan to leave the country was thwarted because of this.

Leonard IB Marcus wrote …

“Someones Visa was denied all because his BVN shows he’s owing one loan app 5,000 naira since 2020. ????”

The Facebook user also expatiateed on the matter …

“Someone of you don’t know your BVN is literally your identity.
You use it to borrow money from a licensed loan app and for some reason you didn’t meet up payment since 2020.
And you applied to leave the country for Canada or America….. The rest is OYO.
These people will write to Beareau de change and have your bvn blacklisted except you payoff that loan, you don’t know what awaits you.”

Ohekwuru Dave said: “Many people think this is a lie. Try to apply for your credit report from a credit bureau so you can know your credit score and see all your details about your loan records. It will save you a lot of embarrassment.”

Israel Ifeoluwa said: “Lmao . “Which embassy did you go to and your BVN was what they asked for? “Una go just dey find engagement up and down. Most of this loan apps are not registered, they charge way too high.”

Jesse Peters Chimaobi said: “Na to collect 500k from fairmoney enter Togo or cotonou then Europe. Dey whyne.”

Richard Jonah Jnr said: “Wetin concern me with VISA, if I pay Fair Money and Palm Pay make I bend.” Florence Kendra Nnolum said: “It depends on the kind of Visa.”

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