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Malaysia: Muslims threaten to murder film director, throw acid on his car for ‘insulting Islam’



Such people are demanding respect, but what they take for respect is really a silence or obsequiousness born of fear.

“‘Mentega Terbang’ Director, Actor Get Death Threats & Cars Doused With Acid,” by Danial Martinus, Mashable SEAsia, March 16, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Not too long ago, Malaysian film Mentega Terbang made its way into local headlines when conservative folk decided that since they disagreed with (or refused to understand) the film’s true message, it would be better to pull it from any form of public viewing.

Some went as far as lodging police reports against the film’s director, Khairi Anwar, and writer, Arjun Thanaraju (the latter also happens to be an actor in the film). What worried most tolerant Malaysians was the fact that police did end up probing the people involved in making the film – a move that many saw as pandering to conservative views over anything else.

In a tweet by Malaysia-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) journalist Hadi Azmi, photos allegedly show Khairi and Arjun’s cars vandalized, along with death threats against them and their families written on pieces of paper.

The assailants threw red paint, as well as acid – evident by the paint peeling off on the hood – on the cars, and left disturbing notes that include threats against family members, as well as warnings about insulting Islam….