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Lydia Forson Publicly Berates Social Media User Who Tried To Ridicule Her



This happened on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter and it started after the actress made a post about ladies.

In ....., Lydia wrote;

“Too many men believe that they can get just about any woman with money; and while that may apply to some, it’s not every woman.
It’s why they can’t handle rejection, especially older men whose entire worth is tied to their money.
Like how dare you say no to me? Lol

This is why I always encourage women especially, to work hard and make their own bread, however small.
Because if he thinks he can use only money to get you, he will use money to keep you.
You have to now settle for him treating you anyway, because you’re dependent on him.”

This social media user reacted to ..... by saying;

“You always behave as if you’re the most sensible actress in Ghana. That response was an uppercut if you dont know.
Debiaa wano yobi yobi yobi saaa😄😄😄”

Lydia could let it slide as she dropped a bomb on the social media user saying;

“I’m 37. Not married. No children. These are all FACTS so how’s that an insult and why are you so eager for someone to insult me? Please did I meet you somewhere and ignore you? Do I owe you, did I attack you in your dream? Lol Why are you so angry?”