In a recent tweet he made, TG Omori pointed out that life is hard for the poor, therefore, you should not film them while giving them bread.

According to TG Omori, every man has pride, but hunger has made them humble because deep down he doesn’t wish to be on social media as the poor one who couldn’t afford bread while pointing to the fact that a beggar has no choice.

His commentary has triggered mixed opinions on Instagram.

Check out a few reactions below;

Reacting to this on Instagram, @kaybsignature wrote; ‘Exactly. Even though I understand it’s somewhat like a way of encouraging other people to be kind to the needy…. I believe people’s faces should be blurred 😢

bennitah wrote; ‘But it can still serve as a door opener for them..more people can come to their serves as a motivation

sireltee wrote; ‘They will tell you they are filming, so they can motivate others, meanwhile they’re fueling their ego. 🤦‍♂️’

seczyluv wrote; ‘Sometimes the filming is to encourage other to give and for information that people are suffering. It’s not everyone that films for clout