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Landlady disappears after throwing tenant’s properties out in the rain



Landlady goes missing after after breaking into tenant’s room and throwing all her properties out in the rain after she traveled.

The unknown landlady took the laws into her own hands to evict the tenant over an issue bordering on the house lease or rent.

Landlady throws all her tenant’s properties.

According to the recorder who explained the incident, he alleged that the landlady broke into the tenant’s room and threw all she owned out.

The rain that fell that day beat all the properties and left them drenched with water.

The recorder also revealed that the landlady is currently on the run after commiting the act.

In reaction, this_timar wrote: “Naaaaaa he’s making for every penny.. make una try d know una right small,,get yourself a lawyer friend,small insult we’re meeting in court ooo,,even if your rent has expired, he needs court order before he can break into your apartment without your notice to do this…know you’re rights tenants”

lemonade_ng said: “Coming from someone who’s father owns a tenant house, I can NEVER, I repeat, NEVER build a house for rent! When you build your own house and rent it out, you would understand the pains of this landlady.”

drwaltz1960 said: “To Anyone Passing Through Hard Time, God Will Come Through For You This Week”

kriksy_thrifts said: “If your rent is fully paid please take her to court and sue for damages”

tiza_boo wrote: “Running from her own house What if it is razed Py to the ground?!”

annyclassiq wrote: “In as much as the action of the house owner is extreme,am quite sure d tenant deliberately travelled so as to avoid d house owner..”

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