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Lady who vowed to slay during pregnancy shares transformation (Video)



Young lady who vowed to slay while pregnant is left in shock at the changes in her body revealed in a now viral pregnancy transformation video.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the almost different look of a lady before she took in and after she got pregnant.

The lady developed rashes on her body alongside hyperpigmentation which were hormonal responses to her pregnancy.

Sharing the video, she emphasized how she thought she would slay and look very beautiful but the expectations were not met.

See some reactions that followed …

BelizeanGal????????????????: “The last one you look so disappointed ???????? you are still beautiful mama”

Sarah K quizzed: “is this really possible? like fr in real life? I keep seeing this and I’m glad I never went through this w all 3 kids????”

[email protected] noted: “I’m almost 3 months pregnant, should I expect this?????????????????”

Donatellayou wrote: “poor thing ???????? Mothers Day BETTER be good! LOL”

Socialawarewolf noted: “That child was a weapon formed against you that prospered ????”

GALLEY MARY ADZO DYAMONDand penned: “I shouted Jesus what a life? ????????????????”

akhuamimi0 wrote: “My jaw dropped ????????????????”

Adepa Kodie penned: “We need to see the child that did this to you….????????????”

Doris_nnino noted: “All I know is, if you take yourself to the saloon, make your hair, and a little make up. One thing most of you with such huge transformations have in common is unkempt hairs! Every woman transforms during pregnancy, but those who slay it, make thier hair, use pregnancy friendly skin care routine, wear proper clothes and eat health. Avoid too much salty food not matter how much you crave salt.”

Watch the video below …