Lady visits hospital over weight gain issues, discovers she’s 33 weeks pregnant, gives birth 2 days later

A beautiful lady expressed shock, revealing that cryptic pregnancy is real after she visited the hospital to complain about weight gain, only to discover she was 33 weeks pregnant, with the scan showing the baby was breathing.

This revelation was made in a post she shared on a popular social media platform.

Lady’s hospital visit for weight gain reveals 33-week pregnancy surprise.

Her friend, who shared the video, narrated how her best friend flaunted her flat stomach, unaware of her pregnancy.

She recounted how her friend had expressed worry over weight gain on some occasions.

Concerned by her friend’s statement, the lady who shared ... decided to take her for an ultrasound after several negative pregnancy tests.

During the ultrasound, they discovered there was indeed a baby in her belly, already 33 weeks developed and breathing well.

She further questioned how this could be possible, and it was later revealed that her friend had been pregnant for 33 weeks.

Shortly after, her friend gave birth to the baby.

The video garnered attention from many social media users, who flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Fihliwe Rachel Baloyi: “how many months were u when you noticed the pregnancy ? and periods ?????❤.”

Rorisang Natasha Mokgalapa: “I’m so scared of this ???????? cryptic pregnancy ???? ???? The pregnancy test must just be honest thle????????”

Child????????????????: “i had a cryptic pregnancy with my 1st child….i found out the day of delivery nd my baby weight 4.3 kg☺️????.”

missMaboothe1: “I scram a scream bc why hide human ???????????? these babies wanna be born so bad, it’s scary. Congrats momm.”

someones_daughter6: “Having such a friend like you throughout the journey? A whole blessing I swear????♥️She’s blessed twice.”

Angelic Taq: “It’s scary but I love it for me …guys morning sickness is nt a kid game… di pains ????.”

Neo Sehlari: “Ha.a guys ????????????????personally Ngingafa ???????????? so happy she and the baby are okay !! ❤️.”

themkidsmama1986: “Nnew fear unlocked… Lord please don’t Ever do this to me!! My patience is VERY thin!!!.”

Momo_Makgafola: “so happy for her ❤ my sister’s cryptic pregnancy child only survived a month ..died two days after i had mine before even came back from the hospital.”



@Katlego_Shabangu . Truly grateful????♥️… #crypticpregnancy #foryou #fyp

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