Lady rewards grandma with foreign trip and house for using her Hajj money to send her to Canada

A Nigerian lady who relocated to Canada in 2022 with the assistance of her grandmother, has repaid her with exceptional deeds.

She revealed in a post on social media that her grandma used her Hajj savings to fund her relocation to the North American country.

The TikTok user with handle @lips_licking, has now revealed that after two years of working abroad, she decided to thank the old woman for her sacrifice.

Lady rewards grandma with foreign trip, house for using her Hajj money to send her to Canada

She said she has sponsored her grandmother’s pilgrimage to Mecca as a way of thanking her for selflessly givig her the Hajj money to help her start a new life in a new country.

According to the young lady, it has always been her grandmother’s dream life-long dream to worship in Mecca so she decided to fulfil it for her. She also disclosed that she surprised the woman with a new house.

She wrote in the caption; “Your grandma sacrificed her 2022 Hajj money for you to jaapa to Canada, but you surprised her with 2024 Hajj and a new House….God bless all mothers????????,May you live long to reap the fruits of your labour????????”

See the clip below:

Reacting, Olasumbo said: Ya Allah answer my own prayer’s as well.

Cantona Mille said: My own grandma nah werey nah waiting she no see she go they talk.

Pretty commented: Sisterhood is proud of you my sister, God will continue to bless you.

Margaritaj16 also commented: But they said there is nothing in abroad.

Ble~vin collections wrote: Shebi na grandma be dis,God bless her jare.

Adetutuadunniadex said: Hmmm what a wonderful grandma, and almighty Allah will not your own children forget you for good too insha Allah bikudirati Amiin.

Oluwatobiloba Elisha said: I’m proud of you. Allah and the heavenly grandmas bless you.


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