Lady heartbroken as twin sister fails to recognize her after 10 years apart

A video of twin sisters reuniting at an undisclosed market after 10 years apart has stirred emotions online, as one of them was unable to recognize her own sister.

The touching scene unfolded in a video shared by @mpanyin_ay3, quickly becoming a viral sensation as viewers witnessed the bittersweet reunion.

In the video, the lady is seen standing behind her twin sister back, the sister looks back to see the person behind her but doesn’t seem to recognize her.

The moment turned painful when her sister failed to immediately recognize her after just 10 years apart.

Netizens Reactions…

@Kinglems said: “Ah ah why you dey turn my eyes? Who be the sister?”

@Nyar-Okwaro said: “How would she have recognized you when that market alone is congested like that.”

@ruel_rhaphy said: “Your twin failed to recognize herself? Unless you are not identical. Even the clash of spirits should alert you of your better half. I mean. Unless other matters.”

@EstherLove said: “Wait please guys just tell me the truth please because am confused, Did you understand anything?

@Celeste Twin Wilkin said: “I haven’t seen my twin sister for 10 years too, but she is not coming back from the dead how sad.”

@odogwu aburo gai name reacted: “How possible is that, for just ten years, not even 15 years.”

@mumsysimisola added: “Her mind was not expecting u. She definitely recognise u even after 60 years.”

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