Lady causes buzz online as she shows off how much her dad paid to marry her mom 23 years ago

A Nigerian lady has stirred up reactions on social media after sharing the bride price list her father received when he married her mother 23 years ago.

The lady, identified as Amarachi, posted the list on her TikTok account (@amara_the1st), revealing the traditional requirements her father had to fulfill for the marriage.

Amarachi mentioned that her mother hails from Abia State. The bride price list, which dates back to 2001, showcases the traditional customs and expectations for marriage in that region during that period.

According to Amarachi, some items on the list had monetary values as low as N50, while others reached up to N12,000.

Although the total expenditure remains unclear, the list provides a glimpse into the marital customs of two decades ago.

Netizens Reactions…

@Anthonia Pada said; “In Roman numerals as well. They meant business.”

@Eunice Ebiteh said; “Hmm the price of those things now is crazy.”

@TT reacted; “This is museum worthy! Love that she kept this for future gens.”

@FxrevaUp said; “How much all this cost I’m finna marry this woman.

@Fa__muel said; “That first pic with your mum looks like my sister. I was like is this not my sister. Omo you resemble each other ooo.”

@Cherie Coco said; “Dem go still dey complain that time.” @Sophia Achufusi-Amuzie said: “E suppose dey museum.”

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