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Lady almost loses an eye after fixing eyelash extension (Video)



Young Nigerian lady shares her painful experience at the hands of an eyelash extension that almost cost her one of her eyes.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the narration of a lady who suffered excruciating pain while attempting to look beautiful for herself.

Lady almost loses an eye after attaching eyelash extension (Video)

According to the lady, everything was fine after getting an eyelash attachment installed but it all changed after about two hours.

Within a few hours, her eyes were teary and extremely uncomfortable to bear which left her with no choice but to get help at the hospital.

See some reactions that followed …

Veraldline____ wrote: “Don’t get a lash extension if you have a eye condition”

Minah_g.01 penned: “Something wey i wan do to change look as per say i never do am before????God abeg ???? i no dey do again.”

King__kimorah noted: “This isn’t about being poor or rich for real ????
But I 101% prefer mink human hair lashes to lash extensions
Deal with that????”

Djjace stated: “Always go to a good saloon or lash studio to do this… don’t go to those people under umbrella ☂️ in Ajah market… they’ll blind ur eyes and spoil ur nails ????”

Tonia.gram_ wrote: “Lashes is just a piece of cake. Na lens own dey scare me. I don’t know how you guys do it but nothing in this life would ever make me use lens ????”

Watch the video below …