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Khaid – Carry Me Go Sambisa ft. Boyspyce



“Carry Me Go Sambisa” is a song by Nigerian artist Khaid featuring Boyspyce. The song references the Sambisa forest, which is known to be a stronghold for the terrorist group Boko Haram.

The lyrics of the song depict a scenario where the artist and his friends are in a life-threatening situation and are in need of assistance. They request to be carried to Sambisa forest to seek refuge with Boko Haram militants. The song’s lyrics also contain derogatory language towards women.

While the song has been released on music streaming platforms, it has not gained much attention or controversy. There have been no reports of significant backlash or criticism towards the song.

It’s important to note that the use of the Sambisa forest and Boko Haram in the song’s lyrics can be seen as insensitive and inappropriate. However, as of now, the song has not faced any notable backlash or controversy.

In conclusion, “Carry Me Go Sambisa” is a song that references the Sambisa forest and Boko Haram in its lyrics. While the use of these references may be seen as inappropriate, the song has not faced any significant backlash or controversy.


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