Kaduna: Uba Sani Faces Increasing Pressure To Address Assembly’s Report

By Henry Gabriel

Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani is facing increasing pressure to act on the findings of the Kaduna State House of Assembly’s investigation into the activities of the past government between 2015 and 2023.
Nura Usman, a prominent figure in the state, has called on Governor Uba Sani to respond to the alleged involvement of current Commissioner of Finance, Hon. Shizer Badeh, and Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Hon. Mukhtar Ahmad, in the decisions taken during that period.
In a statement, Nura Usman expressed his curiosity about when Governor Uba Sani would take action based on the report.
He emphasized the importance of the governor’s response, as it could either enhance or tarnish his reputation.
Nura Usman highlighted that if Governor Uba Sani had no interest in the investigation’s outcome, he should have halted the preliminary investigation by the assembly.
But pundits have punctured Usman’s assertion, saying that Uba Sani who is well grounded in legislative activities may not want to interfere with their legislative duties.
However, Elanza News reports that now that the investigation has been concluded by the lawmakers, the governor finds himself on a hot seat.
The statement by Nura Usman reflects the growing expectation among the public for Governor Uba Sani to address the findings of the investigation.
The people of Kaduna State are eager to see how the governor will handle the alleged involvement of key officials in the decisions made during the previous administration.
As the governor contemplates his response, he must be mindful of the potential impact it may have on his political career and the trust the people have placed in him.
Elanza News reports that the ball is now in Governor Uba Sani’s court, and the public awaits his next move.


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