JUST IN: Super Eagles Striker Kayode Olarenwaju Demands N1bn From Pastor Adegboyega After Seeking Divorce From Wife

JUST IN: Super Eagles Striker Kayode Olarenwaju Demands N1bn From Pastor Adegboyega After Seeking Divorce From Wife——Super Eagles striker Kayode Olarenwaju has petitioned a Federal Capital Territory High Court to end his marriage to his estranged wife, Ezinne, claiming that it has irretrievably broken down.


The European-based player, who is also seeking custody of their children, sought the court to order UK-based pastor Tobi Adegboyega to pay him ₦1 billion in damages for the emotional pain, financial loss, and loss of goodwill caused by his “adulterous affair” with Ezinne.


Olarenwaju and Ezinne had been in a marital dispute over suspicions of adultery, among other things.

The situation became more complicated when Ezinne filed a lawsuit against her estranged spouse.

In the March 20, 2024 lawsuit, Ezinne accused Olarenwaju of bringing false charges of infidelity and witchcraft against her and her mother, and Olarenwaju broke her phone in the process.


She said, “Upon arriving from Turkey personally and without prior notice to his wife or children, the Respondent rained abuses on the Petitioner and her mother, making baseless accusations of infidelity and witchcraft and trying to force the Petitioner out of her matrimonial home. In the process, the respondent smashed the petitioner’s iPhone 15 Pro-Max beyond repair.”


However, in a cross-petition marked PET/304/2024, filed on July 1, 2024, and reviewed by our correspondent on Monday, the Super Eagles striker accused Ezinne of frequently committing adultery with the pastor stationed in the United Kingdom and other men since their marriage in 2013.

In Olarenwaju’s cross-petition, the respondents and co-respondents are Ezinne and the pastor stationed in the UK.

The Super Eagles striker also alleged in his cross-petition that his estranged wife kidnapped their children, who were eventually rescued by Department of State Services agents.

He said, “Whilst the Cross Petitioner was still trying to get his facts right and phantom a means to have all the lingering issues resolved, the Respondent, under the guise of going to church on March 24, 2024, abducted the children of the marriage and absconded to an unknown location in Abuja.”

The respondent then instructed his lawyer to file a petition with the DSS regarding the kidnapping of the children from the marriage.

“Pursuant to the aforesaid petition, the DSS was able to track the location of the respondent and get her arrested with the children of the marriage in her hideout somewhere in Brains and Hammers Estate, Abuja. The respondent was subsequently granted bail,” it added.


Olarenwaju also accused his estranged wife of undermining their joint business ventures.

Olarenwaju said, “The Cross Petitioner, in his bid to have a lifetime investment in Nigeria, decided sometime in 2019 to incorporate a company and indeed incorporated DE-J-S Concept Ltd. as a vehicle for his investments in Nigeria and also made the Respondent a shareholder and a director.

“The Cross Petitioner thereafter purchased many properties from one realtor, Ugochukwu Igboanugo of Ziloc Constructions Limited, who was initially introduced to the Cross Petitioner by the Respondent, and it was later discovered that the said Ugochukwu Igboanugo was an ex-lover of the Respondent.

“Unknown to the Cross Petitioner, the Respondent has connived with the said Ugochukwu Igboanugo and collected all the property documents and has been solely and personally collecting rent proceeds from the properties, expending the same on her amorous relationship with the Co-Respondent to the Cross Petition.”

On why the court should grant him custody of the children, he said, “The respondent is not bothered with the educational and mental well-being and stability of the children of the marriage, as the same is evident in her actions by having romantic and sex-related discussions with the co-respondent and other men in the presence of the children. Indeed, her absconding with the children while school is in session without regard to academics leaves much to be desired.”

Olarenwaju’s reliefs read, ”An order for a decree of dissolution of the marriage between the cross-petitioner and respondent/petitioner on the ground that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

“An order granting custody of the children of the marriage to the cross-petitioner with the right of access to the respondent.

“An order against the Co-Respondent for the payment of the sum of N1,000,000,000 to the Cross Petitioner for the emotional trauma, financial loss, and loss of goodwill occasioned by the adulterous relationship between the Co-Respondent and the Respondent.”

The case has been slated for hearing on September 24, 2024.


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