Journalists Praise Gov Sani, Gen Musa For Addressing Insecurity, Call For Reinstatement Of Piriga Monarch

By Henry Gabriel

The Southern Kaduna Journalists’ Forum (SKJF) has commended the collaboration between Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State and Chief of Defense Staff, Gen Christopher Gwabin Musa, in tackling insecurity in the state.
According to the forum, this collaboration has resulted in the establishment of three new military commands and an Air Force base in strategic locations across the state.

The forum believes that these strategic moves will have a significant impact in addressing banditry, kidnapping, and other security threats in the region.

Additionally, it is expected that the presence of additional military personnel will improve security and allow farmers to access their lands without fear.
This development, Elanza News reports, is particularly important for areas that have been consistently targeted by banditry attacks.

Elanza News reported earlier that Governor Sani has distributed 150 patrol vehicles and 500 motorbikes to various security agencies in the state.
This initiative, the Journalists day demonstrates the governor’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the people.

The forum also commends Governor Sani for his efforts in promoting unity and inclusivity in the state.
Elanza News gathered that the formation of the Kaduna Elders Forum, co-chaired by highly respected personalities, is seen as a step towards achieving sustainable peace and development.

However, the journalists’ forum calls on the governor to address the issue of skewed political appointments, which has disadvantaged the Southern region of the state.

“This practice, initiated by the previous governor, has contributed to religious divisions within the state,” the forum said while urging Governor Sani to take practical steps in reconciling these divisions and promoting inclusive politics for the benefit of all.

Furthermore, the forum urges Governor Sani to uphold the principles of democracy and the rule of law while calling for the implementation of a recent court judgment that nullified the dethronement of the Piriga monarch, Chief Jonathan Paraguwa Zamuna.
Elanza News reports that the court judgment declared the dethronement null and void and ordered for the reinstatement of Chief Zamuna with all privileges restored.

The Southern Kaduna Journalists’ Forum applauds Governor Uba Sani for his achievements in office and hopes that he will continue to prioritize the security and development of the state.


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